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Persblik helps companies and organisations to create an authentic and recognisable story, which enables them to be visible and heard in the network society we live in today.

We want people to share their experience, knowledge and expertise and enable them to jointly create new ideas, projects, products and international ventures. To achieve this goal, we help companies, organisations and networks in Europe and Asia to be part of the discussions most relevant and valuable to them.

As an organisation or company you are able to inspire people by sharing your knowledge, expertise vision and convictions. In a society in which people keep in touch through social media, such an inspiring story is necessary to be visible and connect with people, who are overloaded with information every day.

An authentic and personal story is not only needed to reach out to people on social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Companies and organisations also feel the need to sincerely connect with their ‘stakeholders’ in a dynamic, fast changing and almost fluid world.



Persblik is a sounding board for directors, program manager and communication experts.

 We are inspired by the method of the American communication expert Simon Sinek. He thought out a model existing out of three circles in which the ‘Why’, the ‘How’ and the ‘What’ of an organisation are at the centre of any communication strategy.

To communicate in a digitalised society, companies and organisation will have to find and define their ‘Why’. Being able to communicate their ‘Why’, companies can explain how they contribute to the society and what makes them relevant in this society. At the same time they can invite with such a message people to start the dialogue everyone is looking for in the network society.

Have a look at the website of TED, where Simon Sinek explains his ‘Golden Circle’


Simon Sinek with the golden circle

Photo: TED



Persblik combines content and communication by turning complex and abstract topics into authentic and personal stories, which help you to get your message across.

We support our clients with formulating, preparing and executing press and communication strategies, tenders and international acquisitions.

Persblik is especially experienced in the construction and real estate sector. We work for knowledge intensive organisations such as national and international engineering and consultancy companies. In addition, Persblik partners with real estate developers in both the Netherlands and Indonesia.

Persblik supports consortia, networks and companies in for example health, automotive, logistics and electric mobility in countries such as Germany and Indonesia. We develop effective international strategies, lobby at relevant partners and governments, develop effective propositions or formulating a Letter of Intent. In addition, we write press releases and articles for on- and offline publication. If needed, social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn are part of the communication strategy.

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